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Jun 15, 2011



Top Headlines in Online Media

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The week's most popular industry news: Online Media
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Online Media
Tapad Brings Ad Retargeting To Mobile, And $1.8 Million From Powerhouse Investors -
One of the best-performing technologies in online advertising right now is retargeting—everyone from Google to startups are making bank from it. That's when you browse the Web and are shown an ad from a site you've visited...
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How Social Media’s Short News Cycle Can Precipitate Bad Journalism -
Are major news outlets sacrificing accuracy for speed in the social media age? The recent story about psychic tips and dead bodies in Texas is a prime example of this journalistic faux pas.
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Less of less: FCC-commissioned report finds a “surprisingly small audience for local news traffic” -
Local news outlets get less than one half of one percent of all pageviews in a typical market, according to a new report called "Less of the Same: The Lack of Local News on the Internet." A particular aim of the study was to...
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Study: Less Than Half of Top Websites Optimized for Mobile Web [Infographic] -
In a study 500 of some of the top sites on the Internet, mobile performance consultants Blaze found less than half of the top destinations in the United States were optimized for smartphones Of the Alexa 500 top sites on the in...
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Pandora Puts The “P” In IPO — Our Talk With Them On The Big Day -
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Jun 13, 2011



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