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Jun 29, 2011



Top Headlines in Online Media

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The week's most popular industry news: Online Media
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Online Media
Clever Foursquare Hack Turns New York City Into A Giant Game Of Risk -
In "World of Fourcraft" borough residents compete for virtual domination of NYC using Foursquare checkins.
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Google Sites Now Allows You To Create A Mobile Landing Page -
Google has long offered Google Sites, which gives businesses and consumers a way to quickly build their own websites with no HTML knowledge required, making it relatively easy for anyone without a technical background to build...
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Wow, Google+ Looks EXACTLY Like Facebook -
Attack of the clones!
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First Night With Google Plus: This is Very Cool -
I thought I'd type up some notes after an evening of using Google's new social network, Google Plus. This is a really big deal, a super ambitious effort involving scores of engineers over months of near total secrecy. It's...
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You Can Now Buy Facebook Ads With AmEx Rewards Points -
In an effort to cater to small businesses, American Express has teamed with Facebook to allow its customers to trade their Membership Rewards points for Facebook ads.
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