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Jul 6, 2011



Top Headlines in Online Media

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The week's most popular industry news: Online Media
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Online Media
Facebook Launches Skype-Powered Video Chat & More [LIVE VIDEO] -
Facebook is set to unveil video chat powered by Skype at its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. What else does the company have up its sleeve, though?
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If Google Buzz Is A Black Hole For Sharing Traffic, Google+ Is The Big Bang -
Back in March of last year, we noted that Google Buzz, Google's shiny new social network at the time, was getting smoked in terms of referral traffic sent our way, by a dead man, FriendFeed. It turns out, Google's own Analytics...
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What Twitter users asked the president -
A look at what topics Twitter users mentioned most in their questions for Obama.
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New York Media Power Couples: The Varsity Lineup and the Incoming Class -
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BREAKING: Spotify Set to Launch in U.S. -
It appears that streaming music service Spotify is finally set to launch in the U.S. The company has launched a landing page declaring that, "the award-winning music service that’s taken Europe...
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