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Jul 27, 2011



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Online Media
Mashable's Birthday: 6 Years Covering Digital News and Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC] -
Mashable has been witness to a lot in our six years of existence. This infographic documents just some of the major events we've reported on during that time.
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Nice timing: Facebook debuts "Facebook for Business" -
Facebook has launched Facebook for Business, a step-by-step online guide aimed at helping small businesses use the social networking site. The timing is interesting, as it comes just a week after Google began shutting off all...
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aug ios
Qualcomm’s Awesome Augmented Reality SDK Now Available For iOS -
Back around July of last year, Qualcomm launched a software development kit for building Augmented Reality apps on Android. The idea was to allow Android developers to build all sorts of crazy AR stuff (like games and apps that...
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Designing a big news site is about more than beauty -
It appears to be Pick On News Web Designers Day today. This comic — poking at news sites' unwillingness to link, misuse of thumbnails, and addictions to share buttons, among other things — made the rounds of Twitter, to the...
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Face Recognition Coming to iOS 5 [REPORT] -
Apple is planning to include face detection capabilities in the next version of its smartphone/tablet platform, iOS 5, 9to5Mac has discovered.
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