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Aug 30, 2011



Your Website


I was hoping that you would let me explain how to get your website in front of the right people with ease--in less than twelve minutes.

I've worked for many online marketing companies and I know what's being told to businesses like yours; LIES.

The truth is, there is a simple algorithm the search engines follow.  I can break that down for you, painting a clear picture of who is on top of the leader boards and why.  With the "why" I will explain the "how" of getting you to the top.

My analysis is completely free, and my rates are low.  If you do not think I am the right marketing move for your business after twelve minutes, that is okay.   At least I will know you are making an educated decision and will remember my name when you are ready.  

I need the best way to reach you and any comments you want me to consider before I do my research.   

I look forward to earning your business. 

Thanks in advance, 

Jackie Gets You Ranked
P.O. Box New Port, CA  92662

You can email me with "Remove" as your subject and I wont bother you

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